The results are in (now including official results)

Time when I crossed the mat: 1:04:??
Since this was a championchip race I’ll get my exact time (plus splits) later today. . .all in all I’m really impressed with myself and my effort today. . .I ran/jogged almost all of it with very little walking. .. I had even set my racing watch up with 5min/1min intervals but didn’t need to use them. . .
it was brutally cold and the wind was biting, but having a tail wind at times was nice. . .plus you really couldn’t beat the course. . .only two hills, small ones at that. . .and running along pennsylvania ave. is something everyone should do once in their life (from near the white house all the way down to the capitol).
I’m sure I’ll be feeling this more in the morning, but right now I’m feeling pretty good. I’ll edit this post once I get my actual finish time.
A nice hot shower beckons)

later days,

ETA: official finish time 61:37 with a mile average of 12:24:). Awesome. Just Awesome. . .this should put me finishing very comfortably below 40:00 next time I run a 5K:)


4 thoughts on “The results are in (now including official results)

  1. Thanks:). I had a great time in spite of the cold. Running with other people and being fit enough to jog while carrying on a conversation with someone you’ve never met before while running down Pennsylvania Avenue makes the time pass quickly:). I’ll be doing a 5K in May. . .there was one in April that I wanted to do that was in Old Town but it’s the Sunday after Mikie’s wedding so it’s not possible 😦

  2. Well done! I doubt I could even run an 8K…or a 5K for that matter at this point. Which is sad, since I used to run them all the time.

    I think the best time I ever pulled off back when I was running cross country was something in the 18-19 minute range for a 5K. Not good enough to be in the front pack by far though.

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