return of the ick…

somehow I’ve managed to get sick again. I guess it’s just the nature of working in an office. . .germs abound, things are shared. . .I just figured once was enough this winter, kind of like Chicken Pox. . .how you can only have them once and then you’re good.

I’d like to think my immune system is in good condition. I eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, no longer smoke, have cut back on my drinking, get ample sleep every night. . .I don’t consume a bottle of DanActive every day, ensuring I get my L. Casei Imunitas cultures, but still. . .healthy overall. Apparently the mucus monsters (like the ones in the Mucinex commercials) that have taken over my chest and nasal passages think differently. Some days the gunk that comes out of my body reminds me of the stuff I’d see when I did smoke a pack a day. . .all kinds of crazy alien colors. ..where does my body keep all of this goo?

The ick takes a lot out of me. Last night I hopped into bed at 9pm, trying like hell to keep my eyes open long enough to watch Heroes, but falling just a bit short. I had no troubles getting out of bed at 6am, but would love to go back there now and curl up in a little ball much like Miller does on the couch in the mornings.

Under normal circumstances I’d tell myself to suck it up and push on, but I’m not sure how much good this will do. It’s making it difficult for me to go to the gym, as you’re not supposed to work out when you’ve got more than a headcold. Food has no taste, but it is sustenance and necessary to living. Water is good but I wonder if all the hydration just feeds the mucus monsters? I’ve medicated slightly (with mucinex, nonetheless) but would like to feel human again sometime in the near future. Let’s hope this bout of the ick manages to leave my body in less than 2-3 weeks.

later days,


4 thoughts on “return of the ick…

  1. Ugh – feel better. And yeah, the water is good for you – staying hydrated when you’re sick is supposed to thin out the mucus and stuff so it drains more easily.

    Have you tried any Sudafed or even those Afrin nasal sprays? They can help…heck, I think I’ve pretty much been on Sudafed all winter.

  2. thanks.
    I just don’t like to medicate that much. . .a lot of times the stuff w/sudafed in it just dries me out way too much and Afrin is addictive. . .I just figure it’ll work its way out on its own sometimes. . .but if it lasts too much longer than a week, I’ll have to do something about it.

  3. Afrin is addictive…but only if you use it for more then 3 days. I’ve used it for 3 days here and there and never had any problems with it…

    I prefer the drying out of Sudafed to being all congested…but I guess everyone has their own preferences 🙂

  4. sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather…lots-o-liquids and get those mucus goobers out of your body! especially the little kid mucus who is decorating his room and setting up a fort. 😉

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