some things are worth looking forward to

Tonight is the night I’ve been looking forward to for a week. . .
dinner at Restaurant Eve to celebrate a girlfriend’s belated birthday. Words cannot begin to describe how much I love this restaurant and all that it does for food and drink. . .its not the kind of place that my wallet can afford that often, but it’s worth every penny, in my opinion.
I’ve been good all week with how I’ve eaten. I’ve gone to the gym for the past 2 days and plan to go again this afternoon. I’ve counted every bite and sip. . .all so I can enjoy myself tonight and give in to whatever my heart, and palate, desires.
My relationship with food is different than a lot of the other people I saw at my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning. I’d venture to guess that a lot of those people don’t put nearly as much thought into what they prepare, relying instead on basic recipes or precooked/frozen foods to sustain themselves. I take a great deal of pride in my presentation, preparation and seasoning. . .to me a meal is an event worth looking forward to, which is why I struggle a little with weight loss from time to time. To fully enjoy a meal is to experience it with more than just your sense of taste. We first taste with our eyes, followed by our nose…gaze longingly upon grill marks or garnishes. . ..breath in the aromas of each plate and portion. . .the first touch of a perfectly weighted piece of cutlery can even send me swooning. Its the total package for me. Sometimes even going so far as to plate a burger from Five Guys can make the entire experience that much more worth it.
I need to learn how to savor the bites rather than inhaling my food. . .I do often finish my meal before moosebraying. . .tonight I will sit and savor in the company of good friends who I don’t go out with often enough. . .indulge in the warmth and glow of a small room and fantastic service. . .sip and swirl grapes from whatever vineyard suits my fancy. . .for I have earned it.
Tomorrow I’ll go back to eating my salads and my eggbeater eggwiches and drinking my 8 servings of water and counting my points.
Saturday I will step on the scale and see that this has all been worth it. . .worth planning for. 🙂

later days


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