memories tied to music and scent

I’ve been enjoying streaming KCRW music here at the office lately. It has offered me an eclectic selection of tunage to get me through the day. . .
The Gypsy Kings just came on a second ago. . .and it took me back to my senior year of college when I was a cocktail waitress at a cigar bar. Stogies, it was called. Original, huh?
Behind the bar was a 6 disc CD player. . .and very rarely did the CDs in there change. It was always James Brown, the soundtrack from Swingers, The Gypsy Kings, some Sinatra and a two others that have apparently slipped my mind. Listening to the Swingers soundtrack repeatedly is one of the prime reasons that it took me about 5 years after college to see the movie. . .but back to the Gypsy Kings.
So this song comes on. . .and instantly I can smell the stale cigar smoke from the end of an evening of waitressing. . .the murphy’s oil soap we used to clean the hardwood floors. . .stale liquor and cigarette butts. . .the way the house lights always made the place seem dingy, but still like home. . .the way my feet would throb from wearing heels all night and going up and down a set of stairs to bring expensive cognac to well-to-do new south money. The click of the cue as it breaks a tight rack of balls. ..the way the brush sounded when I cleaned the pool table at the end of the night. . .chalk dust. . .crumpled logo-ed cocktail napkins. . .some slightly damp w/the perspiration of a rocks glass someone decided to use as an ashtray. . .
it’s amazing how strong some of these memories are. . .and how inextricably tied to music they are. I suppose this is all part of the soundtrack of my life. different songs for different places. different people. different times. . .
man, that all seems like a lifetime ago. . .but I suppose 9 years is a pretty good chunk of my life gone by at 30.


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