it’s not quite a twelve-step program…

Easy steps to successful journal entries…(as written 1/3/07 and 1/4/07)

Step one: Locate paper on which to write. Preferably lined.
check. one, oddly shaped, slightly unwieldy, spiral bound journal. barely used. purchased on trip to Seattle in 1999

Step two: Select implement with which to write. Black pen preferred, blue pen acceptable. Ball point a must.
check. one Bic, Softfeel, fine point blue ballpoint pen. (black pens seem to be lacking in our supply cabinet)

Step three: Select subject, theme or fascinating topic.
um…and this would be about where I’m getting stuck lately. too many topics, too many subjects, but never the energy to expand upon any one of them. I’m never near enough to something to write on/type on when inspiration strikes. I’ve pondered acquiring one of those recording devices. the smallish ones that are voice activated and use flash memory, not a big clunky tape recorder. Something I could throw in my car for those long evening commutes…it seems to me that’s when all of the thoughts organize themselves. the words come together. the ideas gel. talking to a recorder would make me look no less loony than those who sing along with the radio while driving (guilty), or use a hands free device to make phone calls (guilty again), or occasionally rationalize things out loud (yup, third time’s the charm…guilty).


I am experimenting with keeping a journal of sorts here at the office so that I can write prior to blogging. My typing skills are quite strong, but my ability to write quickly, in a strange shorthand sometimes, mostly illegibly when the thoughts come flying fast and furious, better suits my needs right now. I used to journal a lot before I started writing online 5 1/2 years ago. some of the thoughts would turn into poems, fleshed out in the margins, edited countless times and rewritten neatly later on. sometimes the crazy run-on sentences just stood by themselves. writing has always come naturally to me. I suppose it’s about time I commit to doing it more regularly. pen to paper. one page at a time.

in closing, and summation…
It’s National Delurking Week. I actually know almost everyone who reads my blog. I don’t get comments too often but that’s not what I’m about…but who doesn’t like a good comment now and then. So in honor of this week, step out of the cyber shadows and drop me a line. . .the subject is writing. tell me why you do it.
Happy delurking.


8 thoughts on “it’s not quite a twelve-step program…

  1. Well, I’ve never been much for creative writing – I don’t think I have much talent in that space – but blogging, journaling, etc. is just enjoyable and helps me clear my head.

    Analytical writing – analyzing literature, etc. – well, I always found that to be such a great exercise for my mind. And when you make the right connection and the words start flowing…it’s a rush.

  2. Heh… well I run a bit of an inconvenience store. We’re not actually open that many hours of the day. Even if I work fifty hours a week there’s quite a bit of time left over for killing with… I hate to say writing. I’m a typer not a writer.

  3. I’m a utilitarian writer. Writing entries helps me keep in touch with people I value. It is an important part of the work I want to do. It helps me get things out of my mind so they don’t float about.

    I wish my writing were more than this sometimes. I’d like to do something creative, but I think my sense that I’m bad at it holds me back. Honestly, that probably started with the poem I won $50 for in 9th grade. It was a 4 line job about vengence that is just too trite but apparently impressed the judges (and scared just about everybody else, as though I was looking for vengence myself). I grew to loathe that poem — I don’t even think I possess a copy. I don’t want to see that happen to me again. Still, the creative bug hits me. I had an idea for a story or a play or something when I was showering today.

  4. Free your mind and the rest will follow:).
    Never be afraid to just get the words out. You’d be surprised what sort of creative stuff will come out when you just put pen to paper:)

  5. Actually, that’s another thing…

    I virtually never put pen to paper except in a testing environment. I grew up with computers — we had them since before I could read, and my typing was always far better than my writing. Everything I write is written on computer, and I really don’t know any other way.

  6. fascinating. I mean, I grew up around computers as well but never really looked to them as a writing tool. I suppose I just find the tactile and passionate nature of writing by hand more appealing to my sensibilities.

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