my weekly e-mail to my boss…

I just finished my weekly e-mail to my boss. . .something we’re required to do and something I rather enjoy doing. It’s our opportunity to keep her in the loop with regards to any issues we may have encountered that week, our opportunity to communicate how we’re doing mentally, physically. . how our workloads are, etc.
I’m a bit of a talker, see. I know that’s hard to believe based on how often I’ve posted in the past 30 days. I suppose I’ve been talking more than writing, so that would make some sense.
Anyhow, I felt that my e-mail very accurately described my current state of mind. Some people find the beginning of the year a dull time. Grey. Depressing. I thrive on it. Just the opportunity to start anew. Hope. Move forward.

just thought I’d share the e-mail. considering I basically hated my job 4 months ago and walked out, I’d say I’m definitely in a better place professionally. And that’s a good thing.

I know the week’s only been 4 days long, but It’s been a very full four days. I feel the inspiration of the new year and the desire to make more of my job. To make the days go by quickly by keeping myself busy. I feel renewed, refreshed. . .more or less how I typically feel at the beginning of a year. I suppose that’s why I like having my book wrap up before the end of the year. . .new year, new start. I can’t imagine coming back from the holidays to the stress of having to get a production package out the door. The new digs continue to provide me with a sense of calm that is much more conducive to dealing with sales people. I’m working this year to let a lot more roll off my back and to learn to take things in stride a little better. . .to realize not to take it all so personally, but not to totally move away from the dedication and sense of personal responsibility that I’ve always had towards this publication and this company. I think it’s definitely a healthier attitude to take.

later days,


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