Tuesday morning photo op

Tuesday morning photo op
Originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

I’m apparently not so good at keeping up promises to blog lately.
Took this just now w/my iMac, hence the bluish glow on my face.
This is the look of bangs in 2006 (late 2006). I suppose I’d just gotten bored with my hair as of late and wanted a bit of a change. The best thing about changing your look w/your hair is that it grows back:). I do like it though. I’m actually having to take the time to blowdry my hair a little in the morning, which I’m sure improves my overall appearance once I get to the office. . .making my hair less stringy.
I can’t believe it’s only tuesday. Yesterday was so very chaotic with it being the first day in our new office. Boxes everywhere. Internet not yet set up (it was up by noon). Much work to be done. Sales reps w/o access to their computers. Overall though, I love my new space. It is very far away from all of the sales reps and from their computer space (totally the opposite of my former office location). I’ve never been on the 8th floor before throughout my adult career. Somehow the whole thing just seems more grown up, which is how I should feel after 8 years with the company.
Time to go sit in traffic (not as bad as evening traffic, but traffic none the less). Perhaps it would be a good morning for a cafe au lait. I haven’t stopped at Firehook in a long time. . .since before I caught this cold that will not die.

later days,


6 thoughts on “Tuesday morning photo op

  1. hmmm, bangs. it’s a new look for you. I’m just so used to seeing your entire forehead lately, so I’m not sure what to think. I’ll have to give you my final verdict in person this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. its a new take on an old look.
    low maintenance bangs that actually equal a little more maintenance that I’m used to doing.
    it’s a positive direction.

  3. i love them!! (i did the similar bang cut earlier in the year.) i agree, it does require a little bit more “primping” (aka, actually making an attempt with a hair dryer) in the morning. although, i’ve managed to take 1 minute to dry the bangs and nothing more!

    give yourself a few weeks, then look at old pictures. it’s amazing how they’ll look soooo different!

  4. i think you look really pretty with bangs… i’ve been thinking about getting my bangs back… but its a big decision, because it takes a long time to grow them back out if you don’t like them…. but they are very becoming on you….

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