is this it? this is it!

It’s moving day.
the Internet will be taken away around noon-ish along with the phones.
Not feeling at all motivated to do any work. I’d rather pack up some boxes.
One, count them, one sales rep showed up today. And it would have to be the one that bugs me most.
I told her she’s more than welcome to turn in ad requests but that nothing’s going to be touched until Monday. I’ll log them in and all, but I’m not doing a whole heck of a lot creatively today.

In other news,
I made a fashion decision last night when getting my hair cut.
bangs are back.
Not those super starchy, mile high, hairsprayed to hell bangs. . .
subtle, soft, sexy bangs.
Photos soon.
(perhaps with a photo of the last time I had bangs, which might be scary).

later days,


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