pretty amazing…

I was able to post for 30 days straight and its been nearly a week since I’ve entered anything here.
not that I haven’t had thoughts and stories and various items hanging around, banging around inside my head wanting to be set free into the ether of the internet, I just haven’t managed to find the time or energy to log into LJ and post away.
This time of year always goes so very fast.
Work is rather busy right now and the office is moving over the weekend so I’m torn between making sure all of my ads are done and making sure all of my stuff is properly packed, labeled and will be ready to use come Monday morning. I’m in the midst of ad deadlines and so its the perfect time to be moving. I may be driving the Subaru to work tomorrow in case I decide to take a box or two of this home with me over the weekend just to be certain I’ll know exactly where things are come Monday Morning. I’ve had things disappear in office moves before.
Both moosebraying and I have managed to keep our weekends busy as of late.
Last Saturday we went to see Bob Schneider at the State Theater. I rather enjoyed myself. I hadn’t seen him live since Halloween 2001 when I saw him at the Cotton Club in Atlanta. He’s still as crass and f-bomb dropping as ever. A lot of what he plays live isn’t current album stuff. He sprinkles a few songs in here and there that people know but mostly plays what he wants to hear himself. . .It was a really long set. We didn’t get home until nearly 1:00.
Monday I had a vacation day and went over to my parents house to do a little holiday baking with my mother. I brought Miller over and he had a great time sniffing around and getting the lay of the land. . .and chasing some squirrels on the back porch. He’s quite the hunter:). Later that evening we went into DC to check out the Pageant of Peace down by the White House. . .all the state trees and the big tree. . .the weather was rather temperate so it made for a pleasant evening of walking around that area of DC looking at all of the holiday decorations. Just what we both needed to get into the holiday spirit.

I suppose I have more to type and will attempt to get more out later, but right now I’ve got to get a few ads done so I have time to pack later.

later days,


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