dinner tonight…

It is friggin’ freezing in my office this morning. So much so that I can barely feel my fingers as I attempt to type this. The maintenance folks have been summoned (for the 2nd day in a row) but so far, no one has come to our rescue. It’s as though they don’t want to acknowledge the fact that we’re still working in this building, the rest of which is completely under construction.
This is definitely not helping my illness. I’m still icky sicky. . .didn’t sleep well last night. . .and I’d really love to go home early today and curl up in a little ball. .. make something warm and homemade for dinner.

During my daily blog reading, I came across this recipe in Sarcomical’s blog. . .Sounds absolutely perfect for tonight, low fuss, and I’ve got all of the ingredients on hand except for tomato paste and fresh basil.

I seriously feel like walking death.
I so don’t enjoy being ill nor do I enjoy the feeling of freezing indoors.
Once I get cold I tend to stay that way. . .and my health status is definitely not helping matters.
I’m off to make myself something warm to drink.

later days


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