it’s worth mentioning…

I forgot to mention, as I haven’t been completely with it over the past few days…
I won one of the random prize drawings from NaBloPoMo.
Out of many, many people, I was randomly chosen to win a 30 minute psychic reading over the phone with a CD recording from this individual. I was pretty shocked to get the e-mail from Fussy yesterday evening as I didn’t think I stood a shot in hell of winning anything.
Consequently, posting for 30 days straight has taken its toll on me. I’d like to continue writing on a more or less daily basis but I’m just not sure where to go from here.
Plus, this whole under the weather thing. . .kind of zaps one’s inspiration to do much of anything.

ok, I’ve got a self appraisal to write and one hour to do so.
start the clocks, I’m tootin’ my own horn.

later days,


2 thoughts on “it’s worth mentioning…

  1. probably some time after the first of the year. . .it’s free and not at all scammy/sketchy.
    it’s been a while since I’ve had something like that done.

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