this is the end, beautiful friend, the end…

the end of NaBloPoMo, that is.
I somehow managed to pull out of my brain 30 straight days of posting, none of it particularly momentous or earth shattering, but 30 straight days of words nonetheless. . .
I believe what I have gained from this is a desire to write daily, more or less, here. . .I’ve been using Livejournal now for over 5 years so I don’t see the point in starting up anywhere else. Heck, I met my husband through LJ and several very cool people.
In reading many of the participants blogs I came to realize that my blog (which I don’t typically use that term to refer to what I do here) isn’t anything spectacular. It’s not something I expect anyone to read on a daily basis or post a link to on their website. . .its a space for me to chronicle what’s going on in my life.
One of the most interesting things I discovered during this month of posting was a post I made roughly five years ago. The fact that I have access to my brain at age 25 is thoroughly astounding. To be able to go back and read what I was thinking about at that crazy point in my life has been quite educational.
When I was younger I used to keep journals. I was pretty prolific in my writing. Some of it drivel. Some of it scraps of poetry or doodles or articles I’d cut out of the paper. . .this is more or less an extension of that. Complete with hyperlinks to the articles and photos scattered here and there. For me it has never been about readership. It’s all about me here. . .only this is not a piece of paper, it’s the internet, and many more people have access to it (if they choose).
After today I’ll be going back to locking my posts to be friends only. . .that way if I accidentally rant about work/coworkers/life in general, I’ll have a good idea of who’s got access to it.

It’s been fun doing this. I’m glad it’s over. Posting on the weekends was not exactly fun. Trying to make sure you got around to getting something online on a daily basis was a bit much at times, especially when there’s nothing to say. . .like now.

I’m off tonight to meet a former coworker (who I had issues with at times) for a drink or two. She recently relocated back to the area after my company moved her around a bit. . .she no longer works with me. . .so I can get along with her much better now. You know those people. Those for whom you hold tremendous respect. Those who you think are great people. Those who you can’t stand in an office setting:). . .she was one of those. And now we can start a whole new chapter in our relationship. Should be an interesting evening:).

Cheers darlin’


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