Tales of dogs and cough drops

Thanks to the supersonic, middle of the night hearing of moosebraying, I was able to run downstairs at approximately 1:10 am this morning to catch Miller in the act of eating Halls Cherry cough drops (with medicine center, moosebraying‘s favorites). The living room was smelling pretty dang mentholated as I took the opportunity to find out how many of these oh-so-tasty (and fully-wrapped I might add) treats he had devoured. Mid-night/early morning math (slow as it was) revealed that he had ingested 10 cough drops. . .again, fully-wrapped. . .he looked quite pleased with himself until he probably realized he was in trouble and then shot me the “who, me?” face. . .
So I called our vet’s office that happens to have a 24-hour emergency service and they told me it didn’t look like a major problem but I should call Animal Poison Control. . .who knew there was such a thing. I called the poison control hotline and $55 later found out that Miller would be ok, that beagles/beagle-mixes have pretty strong stomachs and that the worst would probably be minor GI irritation coupled by a few days before he would pass the wrappers. I’d say that the $55 was worth my piece of mind. . .especially since it was the middle of the night and the person on the other end of the line was a doctor. I suppose I could’ve gotten the same answer on the internet, but it just felt more convincing coming from a human being. Miller and I proceeded to spend the rest of the night asleep on the couch.
It was probably good that I spent the night on the couch anyhow as moosebraying has contracted whatever kind of major sickness that was going around his office. He’s home from work today, left work early yesterday, and sounds like doo-doo. I hope he’s feeling better soon.

tis time to adjourn this place and go play in traffic.

later days,


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