home again, home again…

It is good to be back home.
The drive today was good until the last 30 miles or so when traffic just got a little hectic.
The chunk of I-85 through southern Virginia is particularly mesmerizing. . .two lanes ( you can’t see the other side of the interstate) lined with tall pines. ..straight and mostly flat. . .with sunlight filtering in through the tree trunks, flickering in your eyes. . .it’s enough to put one to sleep. Of course, I was driving so sleep wasn’t an option for me.
Now I’m exhausted and dreaming of a nice, steamy hot shower to wash the grime of the road off. . .
Dreaming of stretching out in my own bed this evening, with moosebraying, not on an air matress on the floor with Miller wedged between us (he can be quite a bed hog).

It seems really quiet here. I guess you don’t realize how loud 31 people can be.
It is so wonderfully peaceful.
It is good to be back home.

later days


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