simple pleasures

Twas the day before Turkey and all through the office
not a sales rep was stirring, but there were definitely mice. . .

yep. it’s going to be a stellar and exciting 3 hours remaining in the office this morning. . .and something just tells me that our sales manager will find a way to be in here just in time for me to head out the door. . .thus preventing me from leaving at noon. . .I’m not quite sure what part of day before turkey/no one really works she doesn’t get.

This morning at Firehook, the very nice barista handed me my medium au lait and told me that it was very hot. . .best thing in the world about that is that it’s just now starting to get cold, at 9am, and I bought it at about 7:05 am. . .

An old friend just IMed me to pass along word that he’d be deep frying a 20lb bird for Turkey day. . .
color me jealous.
I may be heading south tomorrow for the holidays, but there will be no fried turkey there. . .
There are definitely things about Atlanta I miss. Fried turkey is one of them. Perhaps some day I’ll do a Thanksgiving of my own and fry up a bird myself.

Clementines are back in season again. I had to have a box. Those sweet, wee oranges that perfume my office air and hands. . .yum.

Tomorrow morning moosebraying, miller and I will pack up the Subaru and set our sights southward as we drive to Raleigh for a Thanksgiving feast with his extended family. I’m making up the devilled eggs, pimiento cheese and pecan pie this evening/afternoon. . .so my home will feel all homey and warm. . .I’m sure Miller will be happy to see me this afternoon. He wasn’t too particularly excited to go in the crate this morning. . .but then again he never is.

I’m rambling rather nonsensically, but I suppose that’s what this morning is for. nonsense.
I must get a few things done before leaving here in 2.5 hours.

later days,


4 thoughts on “simple pleasures

  1. I’ve known for a while that Subaru was a supporter of outdoor recreation, but I didn’t realize _how much_ till weekend before last. They completely fund the IMBA ( Trail Care Crew. There are 2 crews out there traveling the U.S. in Subaru cars, teaching trail building/maintenance to all kinds of groups including recently our local mtn bike club. Subaru has been paying for this 100% for the last 8 years.

    I can get a discount on Subarus as a member of SORBA ( and next vehicle I buy will probably be one.

  2. I’d definitely recommend the forrester. . .it’s a nice, smooth ride and rather roomy.
    I figured with as many roof rack/rear rack accessories as Subaru offered that they were pretty big into the outdoors. . .

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