useless. . .

working on getting out of here early today as this is pointless.
I’m in tomorrow for about 4 hours, which is also pointless.
the sales monkeys have already phoned it in for the week. . .so I get to sit around and be useless.
Tomorrow I’ll write my self-appraisal for my upcoming annual review. . .pulled up the past two years’ worth of self-appraisals to get some ideas of how to regurgitate the same thing using different words. It gets rather tedious doing these reviews when your job doesn’t really change. . .there isn’t really anywhere else on the food chain for me to go within my company, but I’m satisfied with what I’ve got for now. . .guaranteed paycheck. . .flexibility. . .beaucoup vacation. . .couldn’t really ask for too much more in the perks department.
all in all it’s been a very easy week, but I suppose that’s what I get for being efficient and speedy and wanting to just have it all done.
I’m sure next week will be twenty varieties of hectic. . .but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it:)

later days,


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