recycling then, mixing it with now. .. an interesting study in my past.

I took this poll on August 21, 2001. I’ve been going back this morning and reading some of my earliest entries and, as usual, wanting to throttle the girl writing them. . .smack some sense into her and say “pay attention, you have no idea what you’re doing to your life”. . .but I suppose her mistakes and lessons learned have brought me to the woman I am today. And that’s a good thing. My 2001 answers are in italics, my 2006 answers are in bold.

I took this poll from another random users journal who, in turn, took it from someone else. . .
Just really needing time to vent right now since I can’t make my e-mail client function today and I have a massive deadline. . .
nothing like a little procrastination to make the world feel right:)

I see: a small stack of ads, a tall cup of coffee, an empty inbox. ;
piles of contracts, ads, disks, and assorted office crap
I need: to make sure I get everything done today; to figure out which end is up
I find: myself daydreaming more often; post it notes everywhere
I want: a nap on the couch with my dog; an assistant
I have: a life I love…not everyone I know does; a job. . .not everyone I know does these days
I love: my husband and my dog; my time to myself
I hate: pushy account execs who ignore deadlines; feeling overwhelmed by it all
I miss: being in college; being in college
I fear: getting into a car accident during my 25 mile commute; losing my job
I hear: a little Ryan Adams over the incessant fan noise from my printe, it drowns out any other noise in the office:); the research department cackling away as though they don’t have a care in the world
I smell: coffee; nothing
I crave: a BLT on sourdough with extra sharp cheddar; another diet coke
I search: for some semblance of inspiration. . .apartment advertisements aren’t exactly earthshattering; for a way to get my e-mail client to work again!!!
I wonder: Which showing of Casino Royale we’ll end up making it to tonight; When my IT department will return my call
I regret: nothing. life’s too short. not doing anything productive today so far even though I know I need to

When was the last time you…

Smiled?: today; today
Laughed?: this morning; today
Cried?: I’m not sure; yesterday
Bought something?: this morning, a creamy cafe au lait and a raisin swirl from Firehook; yesterday. . .diet sprite to ease my nausea
Danced?: last night, with the dog; this morning as I was drying my hair
Were sarcastic?: last night; last night
Watched your favorite movie?: I honestly can’t tell you what my favorite movie is these days, although I did watch Varsity Blues recently. . .it made me smile; sunday
Had a nightmare?: I’ve been having a lot of crazy dreams lately, but I don’t think any of them qualify as a nightmare; don’t really remember dreams anymore

A last time for everything…:

Last movie you saw: The Committments. . .which is funny b/c it came out in 1991200 cigarettes
Last song you heard: When Will you Come Back Home – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals; This Year’s Love-David Gray
Last thing you had to drink: a refill on my coffee; The diet coke I had with lunch
Last time you showered: this morning; this morning
Last thing you ate: a raisin swirl from Firehook bakery, but dang, that Pimiento Cheese Sandwich from 2001 sounds mighty tasty right about now!!!; pimiento cheese sandwich (my latest craving)

Do you ..:

Smoke?: just celebrated 2 years smoke-free on november 1st. . .that girl posting in 2001 was LYING just in case her mother read this; used to.
Do drugs?: caffeine and alcohol; just alcohol.
Have sex?: from time to time, I am a married woman; yep. πŸ™‚
Sleep with stuffed animals?: does moosebraying count as a stuffed animal?; not a chance
Live in the moment?: on occasion, yes; when I get a chance to
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: married, happily; when would I have time for one?
Have a dream that keeps coming back: I don’t remember my dreams all that often, but some things seem to be recurring lately; no
Play an instrument?: same as before, same access as before; the piano, although I don’t have access to one anymore.
Believe there is life on other planets?: still, yes; yes
Remember your first love?: still, yes; yes
Still love him/her?: different answer this time. . .I’ll always have a place in my heart for those that I have had relationships with before, but obviously not as large of a spot as they once held; nope. . .people change
Read the newspaper?: amazingly, I’m still getting the paper, just a different one. I read most of it most days when I can. Sometimes on the weekends I get a little slack-ass with reading it all. . .the Post is such a big paper; when I get a chance to. . .otherwise they just pile up in my apartment
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: indeed; yes, loads!
Believe in miracles?: yes; not sure
Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever?: yes, at this point in my life, I do; depends on the person.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: not as much as I should be; yes
Consider love a mistake?: no, under no conditions, but it shouldn’t be entered into blindly or taken too lightly; no. . .it just can’t be taken too seriously
Like the taste of alcohol?: bartender, another round please; yup.
Have a favorite candy?:A & W root beer barrels. . .silly little hard candy. I still don’t eat that much candy though don’t really eat all that much candy.
Believe in astrology?: sometimes it holds water, most days not; I know I am every bit a leo. . .and prefer to read the daily horoscope at the end of the day.
Believe in magic?: still, yes; yes
Believe in God?: yes; most of the time
Pray?: no, but sometimes I should; not really
Go to church?: same answer as before; for events (i.e. weddings)
Have any secrets?: who, me, skeletons? closet? huh? . .duh, who doesn’t have a few; what kind of person doesn’t
Have any pets: the one, the only, Miller G. Dudley. My my, how life has changed; when would I have time for a pet?
Do well in school?: nothing’s changed here; did well. . but never had to work at it.
Go to or plan to go to college?:graduated 8 years ago; went. . .3 years ago
Have a major?: graphic design
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: strangers don’t IM me; don’t really get on IM all that often
Wear hats?: that’s what weekend mornings are for; when the mood strikes me or I forget to wash my hair.
Have any piercings?: ears and navel; yep.
Have any tattoos?: still just the one, and that’s probably where it’s going to stand; yep.
Hate yourself?: nope, although I’m not so sure that my 2001 answer is entirely correct; no
Have an obsession?: not entirely sure I do; I suppose so
Have a secret crush?: i’m eternally crushing on moosebraying :). . .; Not at the moment. . .can’t remember the last time I did.
Do they know yet?: n/a
Have a best friend?:I married him; Yes. . .
Wish on stars?: still do; when the mood strikes me and the light pollution doesn’t block them out.
Like your handwriting?: yes, I do; took me a while, but I’m becoming attached to it.
Have any bad habits?: drinking, cursing, McDonalds french fries; drinking, oversleeping, cursing. . .
Believe in witches?: Not really
Believe in Satan?: no
Believe in ghosts?: yes

7 Things That You Are Afraid Of:
1. Death to my loved ones
2. Cancer
3. Global warming
4. dying in a car accident
5. Losing my sense of smell
6. Losing my sense of taste
7. Fire

1. Losing my job
2. Any member of my family dying
3. Contracting some incurable disease
4. Losing my sense of taste
5. Forgetting everything I know
6. Not being able to fall in love
7. Not being able to pay for things. ..

7 Things That Make You Laugh
1. Dogs. Any dog. Especially my dog.
2. My husband
3. Silly things that people do, like walking into windows
4. My sister and our special breed of humor
5. A good joke
6. My Name is Earl
7. The Office
1. people singing in their cars in traffic
2. my friends from high school
3. Iron Chef
4. Jokes from Bradford when I tell him I need cheering up
5. the antics of dogs (especially my neighbor’s dog)
6. The sarcastic humor of the head chef
7. I can’t think of anything else

7 Things That Make You Cry
1. The movie Dead Poet’s Society
2. Sad news stories involving animals
3. Sad news stories involving children
4. Fighting with my sister
5. I guess not that much makes me cry anymore
1. Money
2. Being disrespected
3. feeling overwhelmed by it all
4. fighting with my mother or sister
5. a random present that is so thoughtful it makes you realize people really do care
6. The movie Dead Poet’s Society
7. Lonliness

7 Things You Love
1. Moosebraying
2. Miller
3. My family
4. a really killer meal that I prepare
5. The perfect glass of red wine
6. The perfect cup of coffee
7. A beautiful, sunny afternoon spent outdoors
1. My mother
2. my sister
3. Atlanta
4. Football season
5. an amazing meal with good friends
6. the crossword puzzle
7. the perfect cup of coffee

7 Things You Don’t Understand
1.People who don’t drink coffee
2. The necessity to look at an accident while sitting in traffic/causing traffic
3. George W. Bush
4. People who don’t pay attention to their surroundings
5. The need to use speakerphone on one’s cell phone while in public
6. Expensive handbags
7. Energy drinks
1. The act of shopping for hours on end
2. People who don’t drink coffee
3. PC’s. . .
4. The necessity to slow down and look at an accident when sitting in traffic
5. This city’s lack of faith in public transportation
6. my mother’s obsession with me moving home

7 Things On Your Desk.
1. a small plush kermit the frog
2. brown sugar & Fig body cream
3. papa smurf figurine
4. a photo of moosebraying
5. a photo of miller
6. a japanese paper lantern
7. a contact lens case

1. a small plush kermit the frog
2. chapstick
3. a pad of paper with a zillion to do lists on it
4. disks with ads on them
5. a plant named after my ex-boyfriend that seems to be thriving quite well in my office
6. a photo of me and my sister being goofy
7. a packet of seeds for “bachelors button” given to me by an old friend who suggested I might be able to grow men

7 Facts About You
1. If I could, I’d quit this job and go manage/run my dream restaurant
2. I still love the South, but I’m really a lot happier here than I ever thought I would be
3. I like black jellybeans and bitter tasting things
4. My favorite color is red, but my hair isn’t quite red anymore
5. I’m a big, annoying, morning person
6. Cocoa Puffs are the best breakfast cereal. . .they make me want to drink the milk afterwords
7. I love food, preparing food, reading about food, eating food. . .all things culinary are my happy place

1. I love living in the south, but hate sweet tea
2. If I could, I’d quit this job and go work full-time in a restaurant
3. I love dancing and singing in my car in rush hour traffic
4. I can’t find decent men right now
5. Beer on Friday makes working 7 days a week worth it
6. My hair is not naturally red
7. I really am 5′ 4″ 1/2 . .. its official

7 Things To Do Before You Die
1. Travel to Europe
2. Go to Austin, Texas for SXSW
3. Write a cookbook
4. Own one strand of pearls
5. Retire to Savannah, GA
6. Run/own/have interest in a coffee house/cafe
7. Live without regrets

1. Sing in a band
2. Learn how to relax
3. See the rest of the world
4. Learn how to speak portugese
5. Buy a loft and furnish it impeccably
6. Publish a book of poetry
7. Own a coffee house


4 thoughts on “recycling then, mixing it with now. .. an interesting study in my past.

  1. fascinating…truly, truly fascinating πŸ™‚

    so happy that your life is so much happier now – and that you love me πŸ™‚

    love you too πŸ™‚ and our humor πŸ™‚

  2. it really is fascinating. It’s strange to me to think that was me 5 years ago. . .seems like so much longer than that, honestly. It’s weird how much I’ve grown in 5 years. . .but it’s all for the best.
    I love you back:)

  3. I’m amazed that I used to be the #1 thing you loved. You’ll never know how much I worried about you…never. But I do agree that the current person is in a much better place in her life than before and I’ll gladly give up the #1 spot for the current #1 and #2

  4. :).
    It blows my mind to go back and read some of this. I think it’s good to have access to it, but it scares me that I got into some of the situations that I did. . .and i’m glad to be where I am today. I’m glad you’re ok with being part of the number 3 thing I love. . .

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