I’m a tad under the weather today. . .
I stayed home from the office b/c something I ate last night decided to rebel against me, leaving me in the bathroom for a good chunk of the early morning hours. ..I’m still fairly dehydrated from the whole experience and just generally feeling like curling up in a little ball and going back to sleep.

some hump day.
I hope that work isn’t too nutty when I go in tomorrow. I don’t particularly like skipping out on work when we’re nearing crunch time, but with the bathroom on the 9th floor* and my office on the 1st floor, I just couldn’t rationalize a trip up to Bethesda.

time to figure out whether or not I feel up to making dinner. . .

later days

* Our entire building is under construction except for our part of the 1st floor, 1/2 of the 8th floor and the 9th floor. The bathroom on our floor has been out of commission since late May, I believe. Marriott is taking over occupancy of most of the building in the near future and we were actually supposed to be out of our current office space at least 2 months ago. . .the construction folks aren’t really pleased that we’re still there. The latest is that we’re moving in about a month. . .


3 thoughts on “mleh

  1. you’ll be moving around the holidays? that will be crazy…

    hope you’re feeling better. maybe a nice grilled cheese sammich? or just some soup and crackers for dinner?

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