Posting everyday has left me a little drained for content.
I write a million posts in my head before actually committing any of the words to the screen.
Problem with this is, I’m typically not near a computer when these great posts come about.

hit the ground running this morning with a small, yet stable stack of things to do here at work.
definitely helping to pass the time.

moosebraying and I took miller to the vet last night for a kennel cough booster shot. . .
she called our dog a slut and a drama king. . .in a joking way, mind you, but I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone refer to Miller as a slut before. . .as in a slut for attention? I mean, really, what dog won’t do anything for a little extra belly rub.. .even if that attention does come hand in hand with a shot.

nothing more to come out of my noggin at present.

later days,


2 thoughts on “stuffed.

  1. Re: otis

    I think what threw me most was just the way that the vet said this. . .aww, Miller, you’re such a slut. . .it’s so true though.:)
    I love our vet though. She’s got a great bedside manor and didn’t make me feel like a total failure as a dog-parent when she mentioned we might should trim a few calories out of his diet b/c he’s getting a tad bit pudgy.

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