the best mondays…

…are the ones when you don’t have to go into the office:)
Even though I had to get up at my normal time this morning, walk the dog, sit in traffic during a particularly annoying rainstorm, you know. . the kind where you can never get the wipers at the right rate of speed to keep the windshield adequately clear. . .even though I dealt with all this, I enjoyed my morning.

I dropped the Forrester off for its initial oil change, (Time to take out that starter oil before we take the car down to Raleigh for Turkey Day.) and then met my mother across the street at Panera for breakfast. It was a great morning for coffee and conversation. It has been interesting with my mother participating in NaBloPoMo. . .I’m learning things about her that I didn’t know before. . .and she’s definitely developing a blog-style.
After picking the car back up about an hour later, I headed down to Woodbridge for a quick visit to IKEA. Not that I needed anything in particular, but sometimes things just call your name and whisper “pick me, pick me”

I think these will look cute with a festive little cocktail in them. Sometimes colored glass just makes me happy 🙂 The reddish ones are more orange than red. . .just really striking. You don’t see glass of that color very often.

Now I’m just chilling, relaxing, taking it easy. . .enjoying a monday afternoon in fleece-lined sweatpants. . .realizing that if I had to do this everyday, I’d probably get bored.

back to my lounging.
later days


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