the problem with football…

The problem with being a football fan, or a fan of any team for that matter, is that you inevitably get to watch them lose. . .sometimes by a lot, sometimes by a little. . .sometimes by making stupid plays. . .sometimes by getting your hopes up when they appear on the brink of coming back. . .sometimes when your amazing quarterback throws an amazing interception. . .or your kicker has another punt blocked.
(really, I’m having a hard time with this… two weeks in a row losing to the Lions and now the Browns. . .absolutely bummed)

Win or lose I’m a fan.
But Sundays, even rainy ones, just seem a little brighter when they win.
oh well, at least the Saints lost too, which leaves them still one game ahead of the Falcons in the NFC South.

Lots of weird games today. . .Makes me wonder how tonight’s game is going to go.
I’m off from work tomorrow, so I can stay up a little later tonight. We’ll see if that actually ends up happening.

later days,


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