As seen on the way to work this morning

So I’m driving along, enjoying the beautiful autumn morning sunshine, when a car pulls up next to me at a light with this on its rear window:

what the…?
The text on the website with the sticker says: Mr. Burns is holding the whip… and ready to whip you into shape, Dominatrix style, on this black, vinyl, cut-out decal. We can almost hear him saying “I’ve had enough of your insolence!”.
Well, alrighty then.

Guess it must be friday.
Stopped and got my cafe au lait this morning. Traffic was non existant, but the line at the coffee shop was a bit long. Guess people still need their coffee even if it’s a federal holiday. Random assortment of people too. The morning walkers all in matching track suits, bright eyed and bushy tailed. . .the father in his flannel pajama pants with the kid in a backpack carrier, just out to get two sugar cookies (at 7am). . .the business man who wants his coffee, black. . .me, the regular, who they know and prepare my drink rather quickly. . .the mom and daughter who always bring their tiny little pomeranian, leash it to the bench outside, and let it try to intimidate all that attempt to enter. Nothing like a little entertainment in the morning.

What is it about little dogs that make them think that they can scare off people. . .and on the other end of the spectrum, the big dogs that think they’re small. . .dogs are interesting little/big creatures. Makes me want to run home and play with mine:).

It’s supposed to be a beautiful above-average temp fall Friday. . .and I’m stuck here. I’m going to do what I can to get out of here a tad early today. . .just seems a little silly to sit here doing nothing when there’s daylight to enjoy.

Time to settle in and get the few ads on my plate done.

later days,


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