get out there…

moosebraying and I will be leaving shortly to go vote. Polls opened here about 5 minutes ago.
Should be an interesting evening as the returns start to come in.

Go exercise your god given right, if you choose to do so, and vote.
Vote early.

later days,

ETA: Longer line than I was expecting, but we’ve done our civic duty! All in all took about 45 minutes. I can only imagine how much longer it would’ve taken if we’d waited until we were fully ready for work. The line was longer when we came out (barely). . .


2 thoughts on “get out there…

  1. There was no line where I voted…that’s good anecdotal news for Jim Webb. Long lines in NoVa and low turnout in my part of the state should equal good news for Democrats 🙂

    Fingers crossed for a good night tonight 🙂

  2. I guess being a little sick has it’s advantages – I’m up early and I’m headed out the door to go find my new voting location. Polls open at 7 here…still can’t believe Schwarzenegger is on my ballot – it STILL seems surreal…

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