Election night fare

This evening, as moosebraying and I watch the election returns on the couch with the dog, we’ll be supping on my creatively conceptualized election night fare.
This evening’s menu consists of:

Bi-partisan baked potatoes + a leafy green-party salad

Baked Spud topped with blue cheese, mushrooms, sauteed red onions and a few thin slices of a quickly cooked cut of red meat. . .
Green Boston Butter lettuce topped with tomatoes and red onions.

nothing too crazy. . .
sometimes I just amuse myself with the food I come up with. . .I enjoy theming food to whatever time of year/holiday/event might be going on. . .heck, one st. patricks day, I even made green eggs and ham.

food dork extraordinaire, I suppose.

perhaps pictures tomorrow?


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