tell me why…

I don’t like mondays. . .
It always feels like there should be another day to the weekend, another Sunday. . .I suppose if every weekend ended on a Monday, Mondays would become the new Sunday and Tuesdays would become the new monday. . .and then everyone would be singing about not liking Tuesday.

Can we say “desperately in need of caffeine?”. . .
I more or less felt like doo-doo all day yesterday and dozed off fairly early into the Pats/Colts game. . .I’m well rested but could go for some more. My head stil has this slight dull ache to it like it did for most of yesterday. I’m sure drinking a fair amount of water this morning/throughout the day will do the trick.

I prepared some turkey chili yesterday, the flavors should be good and formed by the time we enjoy it for dinner tonight. More or less I planned out three dinners this week so that I wouldn’t have to do any stopping for items on my way home. That’s been killing me as of late with the traffic being the way that it is now that everyone has to drive in the dark. . .I swear, people just forget how to drive this time of year. They regain the ability to operate a motor vehicle once it starts getting light again, but for now, evening rush hour is el sucko.

I’m hoping to have ample time to empty my brain into my blog today. . .there’s a lot of random thought strings just hanging out that could use some verbalizing.

Time to hit the road, pick up a cafe au lait, and seize the day.

later days,


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