cold | the last class | wine later

It’s cold outside. The coldest it’s been yet this year. A good hard freeze last night killed the rest of my plantlife and garden so I just finished pulling the remnants of this year’s basil plants, pepper plants and tomato plants out of the ground. It was a good little garden and now I’ve got a better idea of what I can and cannot grow. Basil does well, peppers take a while to get going, tomatoes produce somewhat, I’d fertilize more next year. . .zucchini, which was supposed to be the easiest thing to grow, didn’t produce a single squash. many blossoms, no squash. I’ll know better next year:) There were actually a few little peppers left so I picked them. I suspect moosebraying will slice them up later in preparation for tailgating tomorrow with thebrowncoat.

• • • • • •

Today was my last art class and I believe it was my most sucessful to date. I’ve enjoyed creating, starting and producing four works, none of which are finished. . .but it definitely stirred the creative juices in me. It hasn’t really made me want to create beautiful ads at work, but it’s been fulfilling on a personal level. I’d take another class there. . .

• • • • • •

I’m meeting up with thegubes at 6. We’ve decided to go to Sonoma, so I’d better get a move on, shower and gussy myself up. . .a metro ride awaits me and I’m feeling rather rank right about now.

LiveJournal has been down all day so making sure that I get in day 4 of NaBloPoMo has been a bit of a challenge. . .hopefully this makes it up.

I’m off to hit the showers
later days,


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