3 is the magic number, this is number 3

3rd of November.
3rd post for NaBloPoMo.

Sorry, I’m a bit off this morning. I rode Metro into work as I’m meeting up with my mother to attend the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show down at the Convention Center. It’s going on all weekend but we settled on tonight. . .it’ll be nice to not necessarily have to run home from my last class tomorrow and hurry back downtown. . .

Tomorrow evening thegubes and I have some catching up to do over a few glasses or perhaps a bottle of wine. . .not sure if we’ll go to Tallula over in Clarendon or trek it down to the Hill to finally check out Sonoma. . .but wine is definitely on the agenda.

It looks to be a peaceful day in the office. The monkeys are finally back to their usual schedule of meeting only on Mondays and Thursdays. . .it’s nice to end the week on a peaceful note. My publisher is out today. Most of the monkeys are off for meeting personal sales goals. My office has a nice warm glow to it (which is nice b/c it’s a bit brisk outside). I’m enjoying not a creamy cafe au lait, but a homemade quickie mocha. . .(1packet of hot chocolate in a cup of coffee. . .quite tasty). Woot. its’ friday. and payday to boot.

As I’m sure I may have some ramble-write left in me for later, I’ll check out for now.
later days,


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