Two years ago today…

I did something. I don’t regret it for a single second:)
Here’s to the rest of my life:)

Happy hump day, it’s time to go play in traffic and get my butt to the office.

later days,


7 thoughts on “Two years ago today…

  1. I know, time flies:)
    Honestly, it’s not really something I think about anymore. . .my life has changed so much from what it was when I lived in atlanta. . .

  2. That is just fantastic. I’m still fighting with it… on and off and on and off.

    What helped you the most? (and the patch bothers my skin terribly so it isn’t an option).

  3. Well, the patch did and didn’t help, I didn’t feel truely free until I was off the patch.
    Knitting actually helped a lot during the evenings. . .plus quitting during a colder time of year when I wasn’t as apt to be sitting outside helped. . .I forced myself pretty quickly to keep going to places where I had smoked (i.e. my favorite bar) b/c I didn’t want to give up my lifestyle, just my habit.
    All in all, eventually it’s just a mental game. As I stated in the post two years ago, I don’t fail at things. . .so failure wasn’t an option:)

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