laugh at me if you will…

but a little part of me just died when I found out that Lance Bass was gay.
did it come as a shock, no. . .
but he was the member of N’Sync that I had a crush on when I decided, at age 25, that pop music made for a great accompaniment to my icky commute. . .it brought me joy. . .
He sure does look happy in the pictures though.
There’s something about seeing that People magazine front cover that just made my morning less cheerful…a little part of me that just lost its innocence.


2 thoughts on “laugh at me if you will…

  1. duh

    All members of boy bands are gay. Just like all male strippers are gay. Lance is just the first one to come out. Mark my words; pretty soon there’ll be a rash of ex-boy band members coming out of the closet. All I have to say is DUH! haha

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