happiness is a wet nose

Originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

moosebraying took this photo over the weekend. I’ve made it my new desktop image. Everytime my day just gets to be a little too much to handle, all I need to do is take a deep breath and look at this happy furry face. it is truely amazing how much having a dog can improve your mental health. . .after a long day, you go home and he’s happy to see you no matter what. All smiley and bouncy and ready to play. Happiness is indeed a wet nose:)


3 thoughts on “happiness is a wet nose

  1. look at the sweetie! 🙂 yay!
    i love my zolacat, too. if i’m down, i get lovin’s,
    if i wanna play, she usually wants to play.
    it’s nice to have something cute and lovely
    as a companion. i’m glad for you.

  2. I really feel that having a furry companion helps put life in perspective. What’s really worth getting upset over. What’s really worth worrying about. . .

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