non posty. . .

I’ve been rather non-posty (does one hyphenate that?) as of late. . .
Things have actually been busy here at work to the point where most of my day is filled with creating ads and stuff of that nature. But as today is (thank god) Friday, I’m looking to work my way out of here around 4:00. . .go home and spend some quality time with husband and dog. . .chill and listen to music on our back deck via the new wireless indoor/outdoor speaker that I hooked up last night. . .and get into the weekend mode.

The weather the past few days has been stellar, and this morning was no exception. It made it incredibly hard to get into the car and leave the house to come into work. I’m sure the really hot and sticky days of summer are just around the corner, but it’s been nice to have some semblance of a spring this year. The plants are definitely happy.

Life continues to just sort of hum along. moosebraying and I were discussing goals the other night. .. and I suppose I’m just at the point in my life where I don’t have any major long-term goals. . .other than financial goals/savings goals. Realistically my short term goals are pretty simple. Raise a healthy set of vegetable plants for the first time in my life (tomato, zucchini and bell pepper). . .and maintain my weight loss. Nothing at all unattainable about that.

happy Friday,


2 thoughts on “non posty. . .

  1. Raise a healthy set of vegetable plants for the first time in my life (tomato, zucchini and bell pepper

    My wife and I are attempting this for the first time ourselves this year. Strangely, I actually find it pretty darn realxing.

  2. I would agree on the relaxing. . .it’s also really fascinating to me to watch things grow and flower. If the zucchini plant is as productive as I expect it to be, I will have paid for the whole garden in the money I typically spend on zukes in a summer. I’m worried about the tomato plants most of all.

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