morning, routine

Mornings are such routine things.
Perhaps this is because the basic state of consciousness is not on the level with what it is later in the day, or perhaps it is just easier to fit in all of the little things that I do before I sit down to start working if they get done in almost exactly the same order each morning.

I wake up, brush my teeth and use the restroom, throw on some clothes and take Miller for his morning walk. . .almost always following the same path. This morning I turned the other direction out of our driveway. What does that say about the direction my day will take? Of course, my morning wasn’t quite typical in that I rode Metro to work today. My sales manager drove me home early yesterday afternoon during my dizzy spell. . .she didn’t quite feel right throwing me out at the Metro station to wobble home.

I’m currently reading The Devil Wears Prada. It’s amazing how reading a book as opposed to just reading the Express really speeds up your metro ride. It seemed like it didn’t take any time at all, even though in reality it took over an hour. . .

Today looks to be another typical Tuesday with just enough work to keep me busy for most of the day, leaving time for me to go to the gym this afternoon and potentially go to the store as well. Time to get to work.

later days,


3 thoughts on “morning, routine

  1. Actually, it’s interesting. . .having the dog has made me have even more of a routine. . .and most people I know with kids have a pretty regimented one as well. It’s a matter of getting things done, and with routine it makes it a lot easier.

  2. We have a bedtime routine (that’s a necessity once they hit a certain age), but mornings are a bit more free-form. You can’t really have a routine at all when they’re 5 weeks old.

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