stretch, yawn. . .

I got about 11 hours of sleep last night. . .guess walking a 5K really took it out of me:)
Today is moosebraying‘s 30th birthday. His mother and one of his sisters are coming up for a late lunch/early dinner. I’ve already given him his present this morning. 60 GB of love. He’s uploading music to it now. . .could take a while as his computer doesn’t have a USB 2.0 jack and the new iPods no longer allow for syncing with Firewire (nor do they even come w/a firewire cable. . .LAME).

Later today we’ll be dining on shrimp and steak kabobs along with a tomato mozzarella basil salad atop grilled portobello mushrooms, grilled corn on the cob and a carvel ice cream cake for dessert. . .

Right now I need to make sure that my house is in order in anticipation of the arrival of the mother-in-law. . .she’s never seen our house or met Miller. . .should be exciting.

later days,


One thought on “stretch, yawn. . .

  1. Good grief. He could be there all day syncing up 60 gb of music.

    Are you sure they won’t sync with Firewire if you buy a cable? I thought you still could, but I could be wrong…

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