completely. totally. wiped out.

It’s only thursday, huh? Seems like it should really be friday already. But then again, when I started typing this entry, I thought it was wednesday. That’s about how screwed up my internal clock is.

If this is what it’s like with a 2 year old dog, essentially a young adult in doggie years, I can’t even begin to imagine what people with kids/babies go through.

1:00 am.
dog gets up, walks around, jingles tags. lays back down.
3:40 am – 4:00 am.
dog get sup, walks around, tries like hell to wake me up. paws up on bed, nose in face.
whines. walks around to other side of bed. same act. gets no response from either of us.
6:00 am
I get up, dress for walking the dog. Go downstairs.
poop. on the floor. in a circle. much poop.
guess miller was trying to tell me something around 4am and I should’ve listened.
6:15 am
after cleaning up poop, take dog for walk. he poops again, but not in a healthy way.
feel bad for miller. he’s not feeling well. he’s well behaved and was REALLY trying to tell me something at 4am. next time I’ll listen.

this lack of sleep thing is getting to me though and I’m headachy and cranky and just generally listless. . .it makes operating a motor vehicle not the safest thing in the world. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. adjust. I’m sure miller will get used to us. adjust.
we’re already leaving him out in the house at night and yesterday, when I tried to shut him in the back room, uncrated, for the day, he managed to get out. moosebraying found him chillin’ on the couch when he got home yesterday with minimal damage to the house. . .just a few things that were left out that he chewed on, but nothing crazy. So today, I’ve decided to leave him out again. 10+ hours is a long time to spend in a crate. . .makes him nutso. . .being out in the house makes him more chill.

I hope he’s feeling better soon. I hope I get some more sleep soon. A solid night with no waking up.

work to be done here at the office. lets see how long I’m able to focus today. yesterday I made it until about 1:00 before my brain shut down. it’s 10:30 and I’m not quite sure how much longer I’ll be able to make it. especially with this headache that doesn’t seem to be responding to medication.

later days,


3 thoughts on “completely. totally. wiped out.

  1. LOL. Let’s document our nights for the last 3 weeks.

    10pm – Hopefully, Elijah goes to sleep.
    12:30am – Elijah wakes up to eat. Feeding takes 30-45 minutes.
    1:15am – Hopefully, put Elijah back to bed.
    2:30am – Baylor decides he needs to go outside – whines until I let him out (dogs are freaked out by baby waking up all night.)
    3:00am – Elijah wakes up to eat.
    4:00am – Elijah does not want to go back to sleep; put him next to me in bed; hold pacifier in his mouth (since he can’t do that himself yet) while he falls back asleep; sleep on and off until…
    6:30am – Elijah wakes up again to eat and/or Emma gets up and wakes us up.

    Yep. Be ready for it. Having a kid destroys normal sleep.

  2. You get through it. No one likes it (anyone who says they do is either lying, insane or just never slept to begin with) and it’s hard, but you get through it. And it does get better…with Emma, we were convinced it never would and that made it nearly impossible, but this time, we know it will get better…now we’re just counting the weeks until we expect that to happen 🙂

    It’s tougher on Jennifer than it is on me, even with me working and her not. She’s still the one who carries the greater burden, since right now, she’s the only one who can feed him…

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