I wonder…

I wonder who is having more of an issue with being in a crate right now, me or Miller. . .I’m feeling really guilty for having to put him in a crate while we’re at work, even if I know it’s for the best. I mean, he reacts fine to going into the crate. . .doesn’t make a fuss or resist. . .but I worry that crating him might cause him to have negative association with me, the one who’s always going to be putting him in that crate.
The good news for today is that I’ll be leaving at noon. . .but on most days, no one will be home until 5:00 ish. .. and I will have put him in the crate between 7 and 7:30. . .I’m wondering if maybe we should try leaving him out. I don’t know. I suppose I need to just calm down about this and not get myself all worried. Miller is a good dog. He is well behaved. .. I just worry that if we left him out, he’d get bored and start chewing on stuff. . .

le sigh.
1:45 minutes until I’m out of here.
later days,


6 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. I wouldn’t worry about Miller having a negative association with you. For many dogs, the crate represents a safe and secure place to them. They don’t like it much when they’re crated while you’re at homee, but the crate can help reduce anxiety for them while you’re away.

  2. thanks for the reassurance. venturing into dog ownership for the first time has been rewarding and mentally draining. As long as his tail is wagging when I get home, I suppose he doesn’t hate me too much.

  3. no, the backyard isn’t fully fenced in, unfortunately. . .otherwise I’d go for installing a doggie door in the back room and leaving him in there all day. . .

  4. Don’t feel guilty! I’ve crated all of my dogs and they’re fine, no negativity. After a while, they actually like it. Otis goes in there on his own to sleep sometimes.
    I usually crate for 1 to 2 years. Then I try leaving the house, with them out of the crate for short periods of times, and see how they reacts. Then leave them out for longer and longer periods.

  5. As others have said, most dogs like their crates. Baylor slept in his for years until we finally took it down – we actually felt bad taking it down because he still liked to go in there to sleep.

    So, I wouldn’t worry about it too much or feel guilty…he probably likes it just fine 🙂

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