invigorated. . .

moosebraying and I just got home from running the Race for Hope 5K. It was a beautiful morning for a jog along Pennsylvania Avenue, in the mid 50’s with just a slight breeze and a sunny blue sky. We’ll have the official results later today but when we crossed the finish line, the clock said 42:40. .. we’ll know our exact finish time thanks to a nifty piece of technology called the ChampionChip, a transponder that records your exact time crossing the start and finish line. In any event, I’m impressed and proud that we came in under 45 minutes, heck, that we came in under an hour and that we jog/walked the entire thing:)

And now, time to shower and go indulge in a little Five Guys. A girl needs her protein.

later days,


3 thoughts on “invigorated. . .

  1. Thanks:) It’s definitely something I’d do again. . .especially this time of year when the weather is nice. I’m sure I’ll be a little sore tomorrow, but jogging across that finish line and hearing them announce our names was pretty cool.

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