another weekend down…

It was a rather productive and enjoyable weekend. . .one of those sets of two days when you wonder, “why can’t there be more days like this”. . .the weather was beyond perfect. . .we had friends over for dinner on saturday night and enjoyed some wine. . .and my wonderful husband, moosebraying, brought me breakfast in bed on Sunday morning. And he says he never does anything romantic.

We got the nifty retractable screen door installed, so that dinners can now be enjoyed in our back room, at a table instead of in front of the TV or at the bar in our kitchen. . .

I lost horribly at the game of Life and learned a thing or two about reflexes in Egyptian Ratscrew.

Rest was had, fun was had, conversation was had. . .

I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better weekend.

This week looks off to a grand start. I’m just about done with all of the ads I had sitting around, which is a nice feeling. There are a few things sitting around for the June issue, which goes to final press on Thursday, that haven’t been approved. . .but these things are out of my hands and therefore nothing to stress about.

Funny how when the sun is shining, it affects your entire mood, well being and energy.

later days,


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