le yawn…

Man, what a week. . .

I’m completely brain dead at this point and actually have a few ads left to do today but absolutely NO motivation to do them. . .

I’m debating going to Lowe’s tonight to get the paint for the front doorframe rather than tomorrow morning.

I wonder if sleeping late tomorrow is now something I’m capable of? I slept until 9:30 one day last weekend. . .but had been up pretty late.

There’s a lot I want to cram into tomorrow and Saturday. . .but what I love most about it all is that none of it involves leaving the house. . .it just involves working at the house. . .which I find particularly rewarding. A cold beer and a good dinner always taste better after a nice day spent working on the house:)

one hour to go.
later days,


One thought on “le yawn…

  1. I’m planning a lot of house time this weekend, too… including some cleanup inside and out. Dunno if I’ll get to do anything major, but it could sure use some tidying. I’ve also been opening the back door a lot, to get some fresh air through, and hope it stays warm enough that I can leave it open all weekend. (Maybe not overnight. We’ll see.)

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