moosebraying has his CT scan this morning.. .he called me to tell me that he made it to the radiology place in 15 minutes. . .and now has to wait 45 minutes for his appointment time. I guess I give good directions.

He’s really frustrated with not knowing what’s wrong with him. . .I’m frustrated too. I’m worried and frustrated and just want him to be better. . .I miss hanging out w/my husband.

I’m not feeling too hot myself this morning. I was a little nauseated before I went to bed last night and the feeling has carried on into this morning. Stupidly I drove into work b/c I had some stuff I was working on for my boss down in Atlanta. . .now, stupidly, I have to sit here until traffic dies down so that my drive home doesn’t take over an hour. . .

no. I’m not pregnant. and if anyone else suggests that, I’m going to punch them in the nuts.

back to focusing on not yarking.
later days,


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  1. *giggle* i know whatcha mean. my old boss used to say that to me whenever i had stomach trouble– fairly often at a certain point due to migraine. it made me so mad! what did SHE know about my sex life? why was she talking like it was inevitable if you’re in a sexual relationship? grrr. it’s like they’re from the 19th century, these people.

    hope you feel better, baby. ginger tea.

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