drag ass mondays…

I’m sure moosebraying feels the same way this morning. . .all drag ass, all the time.
Coffee isn’t quite cutting it, but I’m sure a jaunt outside in the unseasonal warmth in an hour or so will cure that. I suppose I should soak in all this weather while I can seeing as they’re calling for a return to more normal and below normal temps by week’s end.

This weekend’s weather was stellar. 70’s all weekend long. Sunshine on Friday and Saturday that made me sit outside all day long, reading, drinking cold coronas, cleaning the patio furniture, uncovering the grill for the first time this season and making Beer Butt chicken. A dang tasty treat if I do say so myself. It came out so moist and delicious. I can’t wait to experiment more with this over the summer, working with different spices in the beer and under the skin of the chicken.

Yesterday was spent lounging about, reading the paper, watching just a little NASCAR and waiting to leave the house to go see Beth Orton at the 9:30 club.It has been a long time since either moosebraying or myself had been out to see live music. . .and I was not disappointed. Standing on my feet for 4 hours was not the highlight of my evening, but hearing this beautiful, crazy voice in person was worth the back pain.

Man, I’ve really got to wake up here. . .not like I’ve got anything to do at present. I’m waiting for a few ads for Dallas to come through. I’m helping their artists out while they’re converting the publication to color. Other than that, its just a drag ass monday.

later days,


4 thoughts on “drag ass mondays…

  1. It’s all about the quality:)
    It really does make a delicious, moist, no worries chicken, which I loved. I think a good PBR tall boy would work nicely as well.

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