light as a feather, stiff as a board…

Still a tad on the stiff side from this weekend’s home improvement project, but not as bad as yesterday. Something tells me that sitting at my desk all day isn’t going to be the best thing for said stiffness. Good thing I’ve got plans to go to the gym this afternoon.

I made this morning’s oatmeal with a cup of skim milk. . .it was very yummy, very creamy and actually didn’t need any sort of flavoring or sweetner, which I found rather surprising.

moosebraying and I stayed up to watch the Oscars last night. Rather ho-hum if you ask me. I mean, John Stewart did a great job as host, but as a whole, they were rather dull, predictable. . .most everything played out as I suspected it would. I was pleased, though, that Crash got best picture instead of Brokeback Mountain. I’m not a big fan of one movie that everyone assumes will win getting everything.

Had my first Meatball sub ever last night. I made the meatballs myself from some hot italian turkey sausage, breadcrumbs and eggs. . .threw them in a nice sturdy steak roll on top of sliced provolone, sauteed shrooms and onions and topped them with some spaghetti sauce. Two bites in, the whole thing fell apart, thus requiring me to finish it off with a fork and knife. Bonus to all this is that one package of turkey sausage made 14 two inch meatballs. ..each sandwich only took 3. Now I’ve got meatballs in my freezer for the next time the mood grabs me. . .or for when I’m in Atlanta in April and moosebraying wants something different for dinner. . .I’ve never been the biggest meatball fan. . .but these were dang tasty. . .and relatively healthy:)

I’m looking forward to the weather getting warmer this week. . .supposed to be in the 60s by the time the weekend comes around again! I’m ready to be outside. . .with the plants and the dirt and the sun in my face. . .hibernating time is so over!

back to work,
later days,


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