Last night I had the strangest dream…

20three sent me an e-mail yesterday inviting me to join in on a recipe exchange. I sent it out to 10 people as instructed and have already received two recipes. One was for Oreo Balls. . .essentially crushed oreos mixed with cream cheese then chilled and dipped in melted white chocolate, drizzled with dark chocolate. . .

In my dream I was shopping with Jaime Lynn Pressly. . .only she was in character as Joy from My Name is Earl. . .she kept asking me to just give her my credit card and she’d go buy the blender we needed to crush the oreos. We’re walking through a parking garage similar to the one by a Target near my office. .. walking down the ramps and then we realize we can’t get out that way. She goes to find an exit and apparently runs into shawnwrites. . .comes back and says “Hey, Shawn wants to show you who he’s run into”. . .and he’s talking to a sister of an old neighbor who I haven’t seen in quite some time. I go up to them and I’m all “shawnwrites (yes I actually called him his LJ name out loud in the dream), I didn’t know you knew Meredith” and he’s all “Yeah, she is interested in buying my house in Colorado”. . .Then I see this creepy guy who used to haunt the cafe I worked at in college slinking about. . .he keeps looking at me. Then I wake up.

Never did make the oreo balls.

I’d have to attribute this whole wacky scenario to the Bison Meatloaf I ate for dinner, courtesy of Ted’s Montana Grill. Damn you Bison!

ok. it’s time to kick this Friday morning into high gear. . .my productive time is now and I’ve got about 5 creatives to get done today. . .might as well seize the day.

strange days indeed


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