tea time. . .

I’m never forgetting my glasses again, if I can help it.
My head’s a little owie from the squinting.
But I’m kind of bummed that I’ve become this reliant on my specs. . .kind of frustrating.

Now it is time for afternoon tea. . .
a lovely cup of Winter White Earl Grey. It’s probably some of the nicest tea I’ve ever owned. I’m such a sucker for bergamot, sometimes.

Note to 20three. . .I tried to go to the post office today during lunch, but they were mobbed with people buying 2-cent stamps. . .and they didn’t have the size package that I needed to mail you your tea. . .I’ll try again tomorrow.

time to relax. I wish I’d brought my book in with me today. . .but then again, reading w/o my glasses doesn’t sound much better than trying to design w/o my glasses.

later days,


One thought on “tea time. . .

  1. you have time to read at work? no fair. come join me and help me come up with concepts!!!

    no worries on the delivery. just keep me posted and I will keep my eyes peeled for it.

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