why are tuesdays so evil?

snowy slippery morning leads to UPS packages not arriving (not at all) and intermittent network outages.
frustrated by things that are beyond my control but that make me feel helpless and unable to do my job how I want it done.
When I called the lovely folks at UPS about my package they told me that my Next Day Air envelope, which had been shipped from Atlanta last night, and was scanned as being out for delivery, would in all likelihood not be delivered to me until 10:30 am tomorrow.
flustered and frustrated.

another hour of this crap and I’m headed home to my moosebraying, to chili out and a good beer or two. . .
weighed in this morning.
maintaining at 149lbs. . .and happy about that. . .

hope your day is better than mine.
later days,


3 thoughts on “why are tuesdays so evil?

  1. oooh, hard times chili…mmmmmm…that would be tasty tonight….I’m off to DL for the cast party – I’ll tell Mickey that you two say hello and you will see him sometime next year 😉

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