At Last. . .

I’ve been away from the internet here at the office for over 24 hours. . .
At last, sweet last, I have a computer that functions and that will allow me to be online AND get my work done. It appears that my former G4 had some internal hard drive issues (thank god it wasn’t the external hard drive or my head would be spinning right about now). . .
My darling IT guy down in the ATL sent me a wonderful present. Instead of sending me a new/lightly loved (read: abused like hell) internal HD to install this morning, he sent me a G5. With superdrive. And 2G of RAM. me. flying. fast:).
Yeah, so I’m happy ’bout that.
Now I just need to catch up on the work I couldn’t do yesterday and find some time to get the machine set up the way I like it (which will probably be a gradual process as I figure out what stuff is missing.)

All Hail the mighty G5:)
later days,


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