isn’t it strange. . .

I feel rather slackadaisical when it comes to posting lately.
I’ve alluded to the fact that there’s much to say…I was talking to 20three on the phone about this the other night. It’s like there are words there but I can’t get them out fast enough. I have trillions of thoughts throughout the day and no way to really sort through them. . .some of them have the potential to develop into a well written entry. . .simple observations. ..not so deep thoughts. . .just a general recording of what goes on in my life on a daily basis.
I need to develop some better way to record these days. Things don’t need to be all excitement and fireworks in order for me to make a post. Perhaps I should just learn to keep it simple. A few little words here and there.. .save the entry prior to posting.

I purchased the Elizabethtown soundtrack off iTunes music store yesterday.
Mellow good times, people, mellow good times.

Thank god it’s friday.

later days,


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