I guess this is what saturdays are for. . .

A few photos from moosebraying and my continued adventures in home improvement Saturday.

Today it’s once again time for some football. . .I’ve got coffee in my mug and I’m ready to go.

later days,


8 thoughts on “I guess this is what saturdays are for. . .

  1. Oh my. You got Chris up on a roof painting? Impressive.

    How’s the crack in the wall?

    I think I’m watching the race today. The Redskins beat out Tony Stewart, but random football does not, especially when Tony’s on the poll and it’s the first race of the Chase 🙂

  2. The crack remains the same. . .and after a conversation with one of our neighbors who’s a contractor, I feel a little better about the situation. I mean, there’s still reason to have someone come out and look at it, but I’m a little less concerned that I’m going to come home and find the corner of the house has fallen off.

    Chris got up on the roof on his own. . .because he knows that the weekends, and more particularly Saturdays, are when we have to get things done on the house.

    I’m taping the race. . .this is our first weekend being able to fully enjoy the Sunday Ticket, so I wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to check out 8 football games, deciding on which is the most interesting. It’s living the dream!

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