week 8

Today (or actually yesterday) marks the beginning of my 8th week of Weight Watchers. I’ve found this to be an incredibly positive experience. I had one of my most successful weeks yet, losing 2.6 lbs for a total of 8 lbs. Pretty amazing considering the number of sporting events I attended this past weekend. I believe what this whole dieting thing has taught me is a new respect for food and portions and just knowing when you’re full. . .eating more veggies. . .and how exercise can really make you feel great. As much as I don’t like going to the gym, I find that once I’m there I really enjoy working up a sweat. . .I’m to the point now that I don’t clock watch to know when my 30 minutes is up. . .it’s a good feeling, this body that I’m working to make more healthy.

Happy Hump Day.



8 thoughts on “week 8

  1. VERY cool! i’m so happy for you! i just made a life and body changing decision, myself. we have a great facility here at northwestern- a billionaire rock star would die for this gym. it’s under $300 for a year’s membership (plus more for any regular classes) and i’m ready, i’m finally READY to commit and become the healthier me i’m meant to be. i get it.

  2. it makes a world of difference when you commit to improve your own health. . .and succeed at it. It’s an incredible morale booster. (helps me a little w/the headaches too)

  3. Congrats to you!

    A friend at work told me that there are two “tracks” you can take with weight watchers with the online version. One that tracks everything very specifically, and another that focuses on core foods that you don’t have to track in the same way but then non-core foods that you have allowances that you have to stick to. Curious to know which track you have chosen, or if your experience is completely different then as was described to me.

  4. There are two tracks whether you actually attend meetings (as I do) or follow online. . .The Flex plan and the Core plan. . .The Flex Plan allows you to eat anything, you just have to account for it and you’re only allowed so many calories a day. . .the core plan gives you a set type of food you can eat and allows you to eat until full. . .but it seriously limits the things that I enjoy like bread and beer and stuff. . .so I’m doing Flex. That way, if I want to have a few beers on a Friday or a hot dog at the ball game, I can. . .I just have to be good the rest of the day. It’s really teaching me a lot about portions. . .and since veggies don’t count towards my daily point allowance, it’s making me eat a lot more veggies:)

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