dude, is it friday yet?

This has been one of those weeks that has dragged incessantly towards the weekend. . .
so much going on and so much to do. . .never enough time to post.
So far this week I’ve watched the Nationals beat the Pirates at RFK, thrown some good darts, purchased some paint and some more home improvement stuff, got caught in a torrential downpour, and worked my butt off creatively at the office. Honestly, it feels as though friday should be today. (of course, I’ve been saying that all week).

This weekend will bring more home improvement shenanigans with the help of my parents. Glad it’s a 3 day weekend so that we can get lots done:). I have to make sure I get a picture of our red toilet seat this weekend and put it up online.

Speaking of pictures. moosebraying inadvertently broke the better operating of our 2 digital cameras, so I was given permission to buy the camera I’ve been researching for a while:). I’m looking forward to taking more pictures more often. . .

Just found out that my office will be closing early this afternoon b/c the A/C is not working.
Now I can get some laundry done today. . .and some packing.

Damn, my life really has gotten domesticated.

back to work
later days,


7 thoughts on “dude, is it friday yet?

  1. all in all, it isn’t a negative thing. . .
    you busting the camera enabled me to do something I’ve been wanting to do.
    think of it as a blessing in disguise:)

  2. No, I mean a waste of a good camera. To be busted. I don’t mean a waste of money. I think it would be something of a waste of money if we still had a reasonably good camera, but now we don’t.

  3. You sound like when I discuss buying cameras. I actually want to replace my current camera with *2* of them — something with a great zoom lens and something tiny.

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