blah blah blah. . .

Is it really only tuesday?
I went home early (noonish) yesterday with a bit of a headache.
Wish I could go home today.

I feel like some days I’m just sitting around waiting for the reps to turn in ad requests
then cranking them out
and waiting for the next one
or waiting until they all for some stupid reason filter back into the office around 4:45
when I’ve been sitting idle since about 10am
and then they give me work to do?

I suppose I should enjoy the ebb and flow of work.
It does allow me time to catch up on my correspondence.

Househunting continued last Saturday.
It was a bit more comforting than the previous weekend.
Actual townhomes in our price range as opposed to condos.
I think this will all end up going down a lot faster than we realize.
Of course, that could be wishful thinking on my part as we haven’t yet gone through the process of bidding on anything. I’m learning not to get too attached to anything that we’re seeing, especially not until we’ve got our qualification letter from the credit union. But it all does get a bit more real (and overwhelming) every weekend.

Thursday night is the home opener for the Nationals. The tickets finally came yesterday. They’re pretty cool looking. We’ll definitely be saving them. We watched the first game of 3 against the Braves on TV last night. . .pretty brutal.

Tonight moosebraying and I will most likely go shoot darts again at Bungalow and partake in the $2 dozen wings that they have on tuesday. We’re trying to keep our eating out to a minimum in preparation for shelling out the dough for home ownership. It’s tough when you’re used to being able to go out a fair amount. But it’ll be worth it in the long run.

that’s really how I feel.

I suppose I could go over to the gym and work out. . .

later days,


2 thoughts on “blah blah blah. . .

  1. Hell I can’t even afford to LOOK at homes in this area. Being single and I make a GREAT income for someone my age, but I spend most of my paycheck on my rent. its like 1460 for a 2 bed/bath apt in fairfax 😦 its sad that I make about 70K a year and i can’t own a home here.

  2. It’s pretty crazy when you go to visit friends in other cities and see what their housing market is like. . .
    Dual income is definitely helping.
    We’ll be giving up a lot to buy a home though.

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